Blending, Mixing & Agitation Systems

Industrial Reps provides all types of mixing systems depending on the industry and application requirements.  While working through options, the first consideration is the type of shear action required to achieve the proper mixture.  This will determine the styles of mixers that would be acceptable for a process.  There can always be exceptions to the following but in general, this process logic will drive the technologies that are acceptable.

Mixes that require higher shearing forces will usually lead to mechanical style mixers such as top entry, ribbon, paddle and plow style mixers.  These are applications such as mixing butter or other dairy products with spices or other additives. 

  • For mixes that require less shearing force, a rotary or pneumatic blender may provide the best option.  This would include mixes of free-flowing powders with very little liquid addition.
  • For mixes where product breakage or degradation concerns exist or if total product containment is important, the pneumatic blenders provide a unique benefit because they are inherently dust-tight.
  • For mixes where powders are added to liquids or pastes and the powders tending to float, vacuum induced mixing technologies provide a reliable mixing system.


To proceed with evaluation of design and layout (such as continuous or batch blending) the required production rate, sanitation, QA/QC and other parameters should be evaluated. 

Industries where these system are needed include


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