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Industrial Equipment & Systems

If you need specialized, high-performance industrial process equipment, Industrial Reps has you covered. As a leading process engineering firm based in the Upper Midwest, we provide comprehensive solutions for bulk handling and industrial processing needs for customers in a wide range of industries.  From initial concept and design to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning, our engineers ensure your system is tailored to your specific requirements. We provide equipment and solutions for customers in demanding industrial sectors, including:

Process Equipment & Custom Systems

At Industrial Reps, we understand that every application has unique requirements. We offer a comprehensive selection of equipment and systems to handle virtually any process. From Pneumatic Conveying of Powders and Mechanical Conveying of bulk solids to various processing systems and plant automation, Industrial Reps is your partner.

Material Handling Equipment

  • Pneumatic Conveying: Dense-Phase and Dilute-Phase systems utilizing both vacuum and pressure. Elbows, Piping, Air Injectors, Bin Vents, Blower Packages, Aeration, Dehumidification, Nitrogen Systems & Air-Compressors.
  • Mechanical Conveying: Idler-Style Belts, Air-Supported Belts, Screw, Vibratory, Drag, Pan, Bucket Elevators, Tubular Drags and Helical Conveyors.
  • Dumpers & Chutes: Box dumpers, bag dumpers, drum dumpers, tote dumpers, and discharge chutes.
  • Truck & Railcar Loading/Unloading:  Equipment, Pit/ Transfer Design, Transloaders, and integrated systems.

Storage Solutions

  • Bins & Silos: Storage solutions for a variety of materials, including dust-tight options.
  • Tanks: Various tanks for mass storing water or liquid chemicals.
  • Stacker- Reclaimer:  Systems for grain, minerals, and other bulk storage and transfer systems.

Process Equipment & Automation Systems

  • Weighing, Level, & Batching: Volumetric, Loss-in-Weight (LIW) & Vibratory Feeders, Load cells, Weighbelt and Apron Feeders, Radar & Ultrasonic Level.

  • Isolation Valves: Rotary Airlocks, Double-Dump Airlocks, Slide Gates, Diverter, Butterfly & Ball Valves.

  • Size Reduction: Crushing, Grinding, Milling & Pulverizing systems.

  • Mixers, Blenders, & Extruders: Liquid Induction, Ribbon, Plow, Pedestal, Continuous, IBC, and other blenders for mass mixing of dry or liquid ingredients.

  • Drying, Spray Drying, & Dewatering Systems: For product manufacturing, treatment, curing, and weight reduction. Technologies include Spray Drying, Fluid-Bed Drying, Thermal Drums, Microwave Mixing, Centrifugal and Passive systems.

  • Pelletizing & Briquetting, & Agglomeration: Used for more efficient handling, transport, and dust reduction.

  • Metal Contamination Protection: Magnets and Metal Detection Systems.

  • Bagging & Packaging Systems: Automated and manual solutions for bag filling, sealing, and palleting.

  • Controls & Automation: Integrated control systems for optimized process control and monitoring

Pollution Control & Sanitation

  • Air Pollution Control: Dust collection, filtration, and air classification solutions to ensure clean air and environmental compliance. Sorbent Injection Systems. Duct design, expansion joints, and dampers.

  • Ash Handling: Mechanical & pneumatic ash handling, dewatering, stabilization, and pumping systems.

  • Dust Containment:  Design of negative pressure, fogging, and wind fence systems for open storage applications.

  • Water & Wastewater: Treatment & filtration systems for water purification and wastewater treatment.

  • CIP Systems: Clean-in-place system integration for sanitary processes.

Specialized Solutions & Custom Design Services

For unique industrial challenges, our team of experts will collaborate with your project team to design and implement solutions that meet your unique requirements. If standard solutions are not readily available, we will customize systems and equipment designs to optimize your application for maximum efficiency and quality.

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