Food & Feed

Located in the heart of the "Breadbasket of America," Industrial Reps understands the vital role that agriculture and food processing play in our communities. With many of our family and friends working in these industries, we have a deep appreciation for their importance and are dedicated to providing the equipment and systems necessary to ensure their continued success.

Our expertise spans across various stages of food processing, from handling and processing food for human consumption to developing feed for animals and utilizing feedstock for fuel production. Regardless of the specific industry, Industrial Reps and our partners are equipped to support facilities in maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.

We recognize that different industries within the food processing sector have unique requirements, which is why we categorize our equipment into three main categories:

  1. Carbon Steel: Primarily utilized in front-side applications of primary food and feed production, such as farmer cooperatives and animal feed facilities.
  2. Stainless Steel: Commonly found in base food manufacturing facilities that do not require high-end finishes or radiused edges.
  3. Sanitary Stainless Steel: Typically used in dairy-based facilities and meat processing plants regulated by USDA standards and adhering to 3A standards for sanitation.

At Industrial Reps, we partner with reputable equipment manufacturers and metal fabricators to design and provide equipment and systems that meet the specific requirements of each facility. Our comprehensive systems include:

  • Container Handling & Management: Efficiently manage containers throughout the processing workflow to optimize productivity and logistics.
  • Product & Dust Containment: Ensure product integrity and safety while minimizing dust emissions and contamination risks.
  • Explosion & Fire Prevention: Implement measures to mitigate the risk of explosions and fires, safeguarding personnel and assets.
  • Material Metering, Batching & Blending: Precisely control material flow and blend ratios to achieve desired formulations and product consistency.
  • Chemical Processing: Perform various chemical processes such as wetting, drying, grinding, heating, and cooling to meet production requirements.
  • Recipe Management: Manage and optimize recipes for consistent product quality and traceability.
  • Packaging & Loadout: Streamline packaging operations and facilitate efficient product loading for distribution.


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Our commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions extends to every aspect of food processing, from raw material handling to final product packaging. Industrial Reps is dedicated to supporting the success of our partners in the agriculture and food processing industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your facility in achieving its operational goals.