Building Materials

For Industrial Reps, the building materials industry includes manufacturing facilities that utilize cement, wood, plastic and similar materials to make products such as insulation, shingles, bricks, grouts, wood siding, paints & adhesives, plastic components, etc… 

The building materials industry had historically been a fairly stable industry without much price fluctuation until the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  Since that time, the industry has had increased price volatility and reduced inventory reliability.  Industrial Reps successfully worked through these challenges with several of our customers to modify their existing systems to fit within their previously established budgets.

The types of materials to be handled in this industry range from fiberglass strands and wood chips to cement and other fine powders so it is vital to fully understand not other the products but it’s shape, density, and handling characteristics.   The products we have handled include.

  • Cement, fly ash, pozzolan, sand, gravel, rock, clays, pigments & grouts
  • Silicas, Fumed Silicas, resins, perlite, graphite, gypsum, lead & mica
  • Fiberglass, glass batches, glass, cullet & ceramics
  • Granite, Quartz & roofing granules
  • Wood, rubber, paper, plastic resin & dusts


Understanding the characteristics of these products provides general guidance for acceptable system designs to meet the process requirements.  The diversity of this industry fits well with the system design approach and products Industrial Reps has to offer.   Unlike many other manufacturers, we aren’t obligated to provide a certain technology or equipment design to fit a specific offering because we provide virtually all styles of conveying & processing equipment.

Equipment & systems provided:

  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Mechanical conveying systems
  • Crushing and screening equipment
  • Mixing & blending systems
  • Material feeders and batching
  • Glass batch system rebuilds and upgrades
  • Bulk storage
  • High temperature valving
  • Abrasion resistant materials
  • Air Pollution Control (APC) systems, fans, dampers, gates & expansion joints
  • Specialty components for highly abrasive and high temperature applications


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