Industrial Reps Founder

History & Origins of Industrial Reps

Industrial Representatives, Inc. (Industrial Reps) was incorporated (C-Corp) in the state of Minnesota on September 25, 1985 by Dorothy McMullen.  Dorothy worked as a Manufacturer’s Representative for industrial equipment, machinery, and systems.  As a Manufacturer’s Representative, Dorothy established exclusive sales contracts with equipment manufacturers and system integrators to research, develop and secure contracts with customers such as Cargill, General Mills, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Harvest States and many others.

Tom McMullen joined Industrial Reps in 1998 after several years as a consulting engineer.  The vision was to expand the company’s capabilities to serve a broader list of markets.   Since that time, Industrial Reps has expanded our product offerings and scope of services to include engineering, systems design & integration, manufacturing & fabricating, project management, service and other items that support the customers we serve in our primary areas of expertise.

Industrial Reps has provided numerous types of equipment to many industries but primarily served industries that handle and process dry powders such as food products, chemicals, minerals, wood products, etc…  Just as our world changes and evolves, so will the focus of our company and the industries we pursue to best assist our customers.