Industries We Serve

As a leading supplier of industrial equipment and engineered solutions, Industrial Reps provides customers in a wide range of industrial sectors with high-performance equipment and systems. We help maximize your production efficiency by supplying proven industrial equipment and custom-engineered solutions tailored to your specific needs. Essentially, we design the equipment and systems that enable industries to produce and manufacture the products society uses every day.

Industrial Reps has worked in virtually every industry over our 40 years in business. In general, all manufacturing facilities operate the same way:

  • Materials are delivered to the facility
  • The materials are manipulated and processed to make a new product

  • The new products are then packaged for distribution to other manufacturing facilities for further processing or sold to the general public.

Whether it’s making cookies or manufacturing automotive parts – this is the general process!

Industries we regularly support include:

Types of Processes We Supply

Industrial Reps has vast experience with numerous industries.  Most of the systems we supply are similar across multiple industries with variations primarily associated with materials of construction (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more), required finishes, and gauge thicknesses. With our experience and knowledge base, Industrial Reps knows which manufacturers and industry experts to work with to develop the most cost-effective process for our customers.

We Unload

Industrial Reps designs systems to unload dry bulk material, powders & liquids from railcars, trucks, bulk bags, bags, drums totes, and other containers. Once the products are unloaded, we convey these materials both mechanically (Screws, Elevators, belts, drags, etc…) and/or pneumatically (dense-phase or dilute-phase) to various processes required to make the customer's end product.

We Process

In addition to conveying systems, we also supply processing equipment such as Storage Silos, Processing Tanks, Mixers, Blenders, Feeders, Screeners, Scalpers, Dryers, Presses, Automation, Controls, Robotics, and more. We work with top global manufacturers to ensure you get the best components & equipment are supplied to meet your industrial requirements.

These processes typically produce waste streams of either air pollutants or wastewater that must be handled.  We design & supply these systems as well.

We Load Out

Once the new products are finished, Industrial Reps will package and load out these materials for distribution to other locations.

Custom Engineering & Project Management Services

In addition to high-performance industrial equipment, we provide custom process engineering and project management services tailored to each individual industrial sector. From detailed process engineering to implementing AI and automated technology, Industrial Reps can provide custom engineering and project management services to take your productivity and effectiveness to the next level. Our engineering and project management services include:

  • Foundation and structural design for process equipment
  • project planning, execution, & documentation
  • Specification development
  • Risk assessment, management & mitigation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • And much more


Contact Us for Equipment & Engineering Services Tailored to Your Industry

If you need to build a new facility, improve your industrial processes or expand your production lines, Industrial Reps has you covered. Contact us to learn how we can supply your industrial resources, or request a quote online for pricing estimates. Industrial Reps is your source for proven equipment and process solutions for demanding industrial applications.