Tire & Rubber

Industrial Reps provides material handling and automation solutions to the tire and rubber industry.  Handling materials such as crumb rubber, carbon black, silica, rayon, steel and other items is a challenge we have overcome and look forward to assisting future customers in this industry.  Some of the equipment needed in this industry includes.

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems: Transport hard to handle, dusty, toxic or fragile materials with fully enclosed, pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Blending Systems: Blend materials accurately and homogeneously to achieve desired blends for production.
  • Mechanical Conveying Systems: Transport bulk materials using mechanical means such as belts, screws, or buckets, providing robust handling solutions for heavy and abrasive materials.
  • Material Feeders and Batching Equipment: Control the flow of materials into processing equipment and accurately batch ingredients to meet strict quality standards.
  • Crushing and Screening Equipment: Prepare raw materials by reducing particle size and removing impurities to meet specific processing requirements.
  • Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems: Implement effective solutions to capture and treat airborne pollutants generated during manufacturing processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Fans, Dampers, Gates & Expansion Joints: Provide essential components for ventilation systems, material flow control, and equipment protection in glass and ceramics manufacturing facilities.


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