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AI, Automation and Controls

Once a process layout has been established, Industrial Reps will design & supply the controls system necessary for seamless operation by our customers.  Our team is proficient in PLC programming and development utilizing Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, Siemens & other platforms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic over the last few years but has been around for decades!  As defined by Wikipedia, AI is the intelligence of machines or software as opposed to the intelligence of living beings, primarily humans.  So, what does this mean in layman’s terms?

We Provide the Following as an Example

At grain storage facilities it has always been important to know how much material is present on-site, typically located in silos.  The math for calculating the available volume is fairly basic if the level of product in the silos is known.  Until modern instrumentation was developed, operators historically accessed the top of the silos and dropped a tape measure into the bin to obtain a level.  This value was used to calculate how much volume was available.  In modern times, this level measurement can be obtained with level detection systems which are much safer, more reliable, and readily available at any time.  This is an entry-level example of machines and software being utilized instead of human beings – essentially, AI at its core.

Many would say – what is the big deal, these technologies have been around for a while and that doesn’t sound like AI?   It’s all about data, data, data…  The current AI initiative is to gather and store data in usable formats to be used to predict, control, automate, etc…

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What Would this Data be used For?

The level measurements referenced in the above example could be stored in databases and used with other data to develop trends for many things such as...

  • Purchasing or selling of more grain
  • Scheduling shipments in/out of a facility
  • Notifying operators of problems
  • Turn on/ off equipment such as gates, dust collections systems, mills, etc…
  • Forecast preventative maintenance
  • And many more items


AI is well suited for processing facilities because the equipment and operations are typically based on numerical and engineering formulations that are established as constants.  These AI systems are essentially gathering large amounts of data and utilizing algorithms to develop predictions for performance and adjust, alert and alarm as necessary to self-correct a process.  That is where the modern AI movement is headed.

Industrial Reps is a process engineering company that has been in business since 1985 - before computers and technology became so significant.  This company grew up in the “old days” and has witnessed and participated in the transition to AI.

Whether it’s obtaining level information, monitoring humidity & moisture in products, temperature measurement, air pressure, air flow, vibration analysis, or any other measurable parameters – we can help.  Once this data is routinely gathered, we can work with our customers to develop trending to improve performance, safety, QA/QC, preventative maintenance, etc…

The world of AI has been around a long time, let us help you to determine how to use it to your advantage.

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