Plastics & Polymers

Plastics play a vital role in modern society, serving as the foundation for a wide range of essential products. At Industrial Reps, we collaborate closely with plant managers, engineers, and maintenance personnel in plastics processing and compounding facilities to deliver tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity. Some of the systems we provide include:

  • Railcar Unloading & Transfer Systems: Efficiently unload and transfer raw materials from railcars to storage silos or processing equipment.
  • Bulk Storage Silos and Intermediate Bins: Store and manage bulk quantities of raw materials or finished products to ensure smooth production processes.
  • Vacuum Loaders & Pneumatic Conveying Systems: Transport materials safely and efficiently through pneumatic conveying systems, minimizing manual handling and contamination risks.
  • Rotary & Metering Valves: Regulate material flow accurately and reliably to maintain process efficiency and consistency.
  • Loss-in-Weight Feeders: Precisely control material feed rates to achieve desired formulations and product characteristics.
  • Volumetric Feeders: Deliver consistent material flow rates based on volume, ensuring uniformity in production processes.
  • Batch Blenders: Blend materials accurately and efficiently to meet specific formulation requirements and quality standards.
  • Drying Systems: Remove moisture from plastic pellets or components to enhance material quality and processing performance.
  • Conveyors: Transport materials between processing stages or storage areas, optimizing workflow and minimizing downtime.
  • Recycling Systems: Recover and process scrap or waste materials to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource utilization.
  • Grinders, Shredders, and Granulators: Size-reduce plastic waste or scrap materials for recycling or further processing.
  • Gaylord Tippers & Bulk Bag Unloaders: Safely and efficiently empty Gaylord containers or bulk bags to streamline material handling operations.


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We understand the unique challenges faced by plastics processing facilities and are committed to providing innovative solutions that address their specific needs. If you're seeking reliable and efficient equipment for your plastics manufacturing operations, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to discuss your requirements and explore how we can help optimize your processes.