Glass & Ceramics

Industrial Reps brings extensive expertise to glass and ceramics manufacturing plants, having collaborated with some of the largest corporations in the world in this industry. We understand the critical importance of precision and accuracy in maintaining the quality of end-products while handling abrasive and challenging materials.

Our equipment and systems cater to the unique requirements of glass and ceramics manufacturing, ensuring efficient and reliable operations:

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems: Transport materials through pipelines using air or gas pressure, providing gentle handling for fragile materials and maintaining product integrity.
  • Pneumatic Systems Rebuilds and Conversions: Upgrade existing pneumatic systems or convert to more efficient configurations to enhance performance and reliability.
  • Pneumatic & Mechanical Blending Systems: Blend materials accurately and homogeneously to achieve desired compositions for glass and ceramic production.
  • Mechanical Conveying Systems: Transport bulk materials using mechanical means such as belts, screws, or buckets, providing robust handling solutions for heavy and abrasive materials.
  • Material Feeders and Batching Equipment: Control the flow of materials into processing equipment and accurately batch ingredients to meet strict quality standards.
  • Bulk Storage Solutions: Provide storage facilities for bulk materials, optimizing inventory management and ensuring a continuous supply for production.
  • Crushing and Screening Equipment: Prepare raw materials by reducing particle size and removing impurities to meet specific processing requirements.
  • High Temperature Valving: Handle materials at elevated temperatures with specialized valves designed for high-temperature applications in glass and ceramics manufacturing.
  • Abrasion Resistant Materials: Utilize wear-resistant materials to protect equipment components from abrasion and extend their lifespan in harsh operating conditions.
  • Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems: Implement effective solutions to capture and treat airborne pollutants generated during manufacturing processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Fans, Dampers, Gates & Expansion Joints: Provide essential components for ventilation systems, material flow control, and equipment protection in glass and ceramics manufacturing facilities.


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