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Industrial Reps area of expertise within foundries is focused around the raw material feeding systems and foundry sand handling/ recycling for molds. 

Industrial Reps provides heavy-duty conveying and feeding systems for the raw materials used to feed furnaces.  These systems include mechanical conveyors such as vibratory pans, screw conveyors, apron conveyors, belt conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, etc… 

Our expertise also extends to the backside of the melting process for sand & ash handling systems.  We will collect and reclaim these items with dust collection systems, cooling drums, vibratory shakeout, screening equipment, magnetic removal, fluid-bed cooling and other equipment.

The systems & services from Industrial Reps include;

  • Process layout and design
  • Sand recycling systems
  • Scrap handling & shredding
  • Magnetic removal & eddy-current systems
  • Dust containment, collection and disposal
  • Explosion & fire prevention


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