Power Generation

The Power Generation industry has indeed undergone significant changes in recent decades, with a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly technologies to meet the energy demands of the North American electrical grid. While there is a push towards renewable energy sources, traditional methods such as fossil fuels, nuclear reactions, and biomass continue to play a vital role in power generation worldwide and are expected to remain relevant for decades to come.

At Industrial Reps, we have amassed extensive experience in power generation facilities utilizing various energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear reactions, and biomass. Our expertise in solid fuels handling has been a cornerstone of our operations since 1995, catering to the needs of coal-fired power plants and other similar facilities. Despite coal's declining popularity in the United States, there remains a considerable number of coal-fired facilities that are essential for maintaining the stability of the electrical grid.

Our involvement in biomass and waste-to-energy facilities further underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions across the spectrum of power generation technologies. Some of the systems we have implemented include:

  • Railcar and truck unloading systems for various materials, including coal, limestone, wood chips, chemicals and other materials.
  • Material conveying, crushing, drying & feeding equipment to support efficient fuel handling processes.
  • Ash handling systems for the collection, conveying, dewatering & loadout of ash generated during combustion.
  • Air pollution control mitigation measures, including Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems, to minimize emissions and comply with environmental regulations.
  • Industrial ducting, expansion joints, flow control devices, dampers, and gates to optimize airflow and process efficiency.
  • Flue duct injection systems fo the introduction of additives to control pollutants and improve combustion efficiency.
  • Water intake screens, trash rakes, and water conditioning equipment to ensure reliable water supply and protect vital infrastructure.


While we remain committed to serving the fossil fuel industry, we also recognize the importance of diversification and innovation in the energy sector. As such, we continually evaluate our capabilities and explore opportunities in emerging technologies such as gas, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources.

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